Roz is the author of 10 international best-selling books which are translated and available in India, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Slovenia, China, Croatia, Spain, Indonesia, the USA and of course Australia and New Zealand. Her most recent book Future Words - Words Creating Reality was featured in a TEDx talk in 2015 and was a finalist in the Premier's Literary Awards and Premier's Export Awards.

Three of her books: Learn Really Well, Read Really Fast and Presentation Skills have been used by multi-level marketing organisations such as Amway as their book of the month.

Her books include

  • Future Words
  • Learn Really Well
  • Read Really Fast
  • Live Really Well
  • Presentation Skills
  • Body Language
  • Men's Health
  • Manners Matter
  • Love Well
  • How to Improve Your Social Intelligence

I help people to communicate with generosity, responsibility and integrity.

Roz Townsend