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Masters Education Administration, University of New England 1990
Bachelor Arts (Social Science) Charles Sturt University 1980
Diploma Adolescent Development London 1979
Diploma Primary Teaching CSU 1975
Certificate IV Training and Assessment, VERTO 2012
Accredited Meditator with the National Australian Mediation Standards, renewed 2012

Relevant Industry Qualifications:

  • Member of the Australian Community Worker Association
  • Member of the LEADR Member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Association
  • Member, Central West Facilitators’ Network
  • Past Authorised Person, Board of Studies
  • Past Official Visitor, Mental Health
  • Finalist, Premier’s Export Awards 2010
  • Facilitation Award, Emerald Press, India

Testimonials & Books

My partner can count on one hand the books he has read in his life (truly!) and he found your book to be right up his alley so… congratulations!

Jan Donaldson

It’s refreshing to read books about learning that work well with adults

Chris Jacobs

My whole family has read your ‘Learn Really Well’ and we think it is great!

Nicolette Maury

Chinese students from Guangzhou thoroughly enjoyed Roz’ presentations as evidenced by the large successful book sales”

Joyce Chen Senior Editor for Gungdong Economy Publishing Group

Read Really Fast is fantastic. It’s polished, informative and simply top class.

Tony Ryan

Learn Really Well is fabulous – read it totally.

Robyn Henderson

Seminars and workshops

“Speaker Roz is informative, professional and entertaining.”
Jill Sweetman, National Speakers Association

“Roz, you have a special talent, a dedicated attitude and an excellent knowledge of your subject.”
Helen Ruby, Toastmasters International

“Roz is an amazing speaker.”
Deborah Shelton, NSW Roads and Traffic Authority

“Roz Townsend received accolades far above our expectations. Her ability to connect with Chinese students of all ages and stages in life was remarkable. We warmly welcome her to return and present another lecture series”
Dr Yimei Mo, Education Consultant Hangzhou and to the Australian Adult Migrant Education Service.

Mediation and conflict resolution

“In my role as the Workers Compensation Return to Work Coordinator for a government organization, I am occasionally confronted with a case that requires a specialist approach.

This was the case a few months ago when a conflict arose in a team amongst members resulting in claims for stress that had the potential to become a bitter and protracted case likely to cost both the workers and the employer in dollars, lost time and productivity.

After discussing locally the various approaches, it was suggested to engage a qualified mediator as a cost effective and proactive method to resolve this highly charged emotive situation.

After I gained agreement from all the parties to participate in the process I sourced the services of Roz Townsend via the Yellow Pages.

Roz acted very professionally and discussed the situation with all respective parties, gaining their trust and approval to a group mediation meeting, using a no blame approach with Roz acting as the independent convenor. The workers were able to individually talk freely about the incident and the issues preceding the incident. Importantly there was a conscious effort to see the situation clearly, with no preconceptions or bias and to address the issues to move forward productively and for the betterment of the team.

Roz ensured that follow up contact was maintained with the parties and there is now a much more co operative and productive working relationship in this team.

Roz Townsend conducted the whole process in a very professional, confidential manner and based on this I would use her services again should a situation like this again arise in the future.”

Paul Thorncraft DHRM, JP
Return To Work Coordinator
Rail Infrastructure Corpoation
Bathurst NSW.

Celebrant services

“In conducting our ceremony, Roz was extremely accepting and pleasant. She made our day meaningful and happy and had the right amount of light humour when needed. Roz made our day very real and her personal approach was a welcome part of the ceremony. Roz would make anyone’s special day memorable and personal.”
-Sharon Kind and Jillian Rayner

I help people to communicate with generosity, responsibility and integrity.

Roz Townsend