Roz designs and presents a variety of programs to suit the exact needs of her clients.

The following courses are her main specialties, however, she's very happy to work with you to create other programs to suit your needs:

  • Coaching People Out of Conflict
  • Resilient Language for the Workplace
  • Conflict Resolution - Roz is a Nationally Accredited Mediator
  • Leadership Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Preventing Job Burnout
  • Speaking Clearly for Non-English Speakers
  • Speed Reading

If you would like to discuss these courses or any other training needs you have, please contact me at All training programs come with a money back guarantee

Roz’s recent training projects include:

Teaching more than 5000 people the techniques of speed reading and improved comprehension.

Being engaged as the first foreign corporate coach to train officials in the State owned Guangdong Provincial Publishing Group, one of China’s largest publishers

Facilitating The Diversity Game – the world’s leading learning tool in developing anti-discriminatory attitudes and behaviour.

Using her speed reading programs as a metaphor for life, Roz says it is so exciting when people experience how easy it is to at least double or triple their reading speed and improve their comprehension. When they do this with reading what else is possible in their lives?

I help people to communicate with generosity, responsibility and integrity.

Roz Townsend